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     I lost my job and home in Iowa after that I was unemployed for so long the last straw came when my home was robbed and I lost most of my belongings and then my mother passed away  when I pick up my doggies packed my car with what I had left and moved to colorado and landed a job still was not making it there cause of the high cost of living and have spent much of time sleeping in my car. Never once felt bad always knew some how god would take of me now I am in new mexico I have a part time job but would like a full time job.  My adult children have been through so much losing  their he died and then their mom being in this situation and having no means to help They have been through more than most people experience in a lifetime. They are the best kids any mother could ask for, My children are my life, and so are my grandchildren I would love  to have the money to move back home to live with my kids who offered me a place to live I total I would need 3,000.00.Economy has hit me hard,  I  struggling to pay bills, Saving has been diffcult also at times I worry about being homeless.
This Blog is not about giving me any donations its about maybe this is how people become homeless maybe if they had a programs set up to get people home to family and friends we can get many people off the street.

It is a known fact that alot of people commit suicide before they reach the state of being homeless and then there are people who will continue on and ask them self why and how did they reach this point. I know I should have never ventured so far away from home. There are different reasons of course. Some of the reasons are: 'loneliness', 'dispair over the loss of a loved one (whether through death or seperation)', 'feeling left out of things', 'sickness', 'heartache', and 'financial problems'. Now these are just some, I'm sure the list goes on.

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I saw you as someone 8/23 was requesting something about Christmas already and I  remembered our conversation one to one. Not much has changed just eating breakfast now. I was going to eat earlier but had to fix the things to eat plus a man was to come over by 2pm to get a walker I was selling. He did show. I hate disappointments and probably lay down for a nap..Just staying up too late. Oh I have food but miss having company. I am a people person.. Hope things are better for you...


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